How to Dispose of Hazardous Waste in Milwaukee, WI

You should never throw hazardous wastes, such as paint and car batteries, out with the trash, as they can contaminate landfill areas. Every municipality has different procedures for disposing of hazardous waste. In the Milwaukee area, several locations exist where Milwaukee residents can dispose of hazardous waste for free. However, not all types of hazardous waste are accepted at these free sites, and it is important to know what types of waste will be accepted and how to prepare it for disposal.

Disposing of Hazardous Waste

Paint is a hazardous waste, but you can throw it out with the trash if you prepare it properly.
  1. Separate your hazardous waste into different types so you can easily place it in the proper receptacle at the disposal site.

  2. Dispose of your electronic items for free through the E-Cycle program at Milwaukee's North Self-Help Center and South Self-Help Center. Drop off accepted items such as televisions, computers, computer monitors and computer accessories, cell phones, DVD players and printers at these sites.

  3. Prepare latex paint before you throw it away in the trash. Pour a thin layer of paint into a box lined with a plastic bag. Once the paint is dry, add another layer. Repeat this process until you've used all the paint and it is dry. Throw the empty can and the dried paint in the trash. Take the lid off the can before placing it in the trash.

  4. Dispose of any items that are banned from disposal at Milwaukee's public disposal sites, such as compressed gas and propane cylinders, car batteries, medical wastes, ammunition, electronic items and tires, at privately-run specialist disposal sites. Find the correct specialist disposal site by asking at the retailer where you purchased the item.

  5. Dispose of hazardous items at the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District North Self-Help Center, South Self-Help Center and Veolia Environmental Services (see References for contact details). Phone the sites before going to make sure they are open. Check for allowable items on the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District website (see References).

  6. Dispose of hazardous items at mobile sites operated by the Milwaukee Department of Public Works. These sites operate about five or six days of the year in different neighborhoods. Check the website of the Milwaukee Department of Public Works (see Resources) or call 414-286-2489 for information.

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