How Do I Reset Tumblers on Schlage Locks?

Schlage SecureKey locks save the time and money from a locksmith when a door lock needs changing. This lock includes two brass keys, a reset key that is identical to the lock keys and an additional blank reset key. Residential or commercial locks need changing to eliminate a person from entering a property. This system allows the lock to be rekeyed in only a matter of seconds to match a new set of keys.

Step 1

Take the blank blue reset key to a hardware store to cut the key to match new keys for the Schlage lock.

Step 2

Close the door with the Schlage lock and stand on the outside of the door.

Step 3

Insert the reset key into the lock and turn it to the 11 o'clock position. The blue reset key is cut to the original configuration of the key for the lock.

Step 4

Pull the reset key straight out of the lock without turning it.

Step 5

Insert the newly cut blue reset key that matches the new keys for the lock. Turn this key to the 12 o'clock position. This action resets the tumblers inside the lock to rekey the lock to match the new key.

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