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How to Store Flatware in Proper Order in a Silverware Box

Mary Ylisela

Flatware, also referred to as silverware, consists of the knives, forks, spoons and serving utensils used at mealtimes. While many people store everyday flatware in trays in kitchen drawers, there also are silverware storage boxes for flatware used only on holidays and special occasions. Proper storage of silver flatware ensures that it remains free from damage and easy to find.

Properly stored flatware looks beautiful and shiny for years to come.
  1. Clean and polish your flatware before storing it in a silverware box. Flatware that's dirty or wet when placed in a storage box can result in tarnished, stained and mildewy flatware.

  2. Place the knives in the knife slots, typically found inside the lid of the storage box. This special spot for knives keeps the blades protected in the cushioned area of the lid, while keeping them away from other flatware that can be scratched by them.

  3. Set spoons and forks, facing up, in the main compartment of the storage box, with spoons starting on the left and forks on the right. Ensure that soup spoons and dessert spoons are placed in the slots that fit to their size and shape. Place salad and dinner forks in the right-sized locations, as well.

  4. Open the bottom drawer of the silverware storage box. Use this location to properly store your serving spoons and forks.