Instructions for the Stanley Quick-Change Razor Knife

Stanley's Quick-Change Razor Knife totes a "user-friendly" design and quick razor replacement system. The razor blade comes packaged with three blades, a blade storage reservoir and features a string cutter built into the underside of the knife, thereby allowing for rapid string severing without the need to expose the razor blade. However, some users find the "Quick-Change" blade replacement system a bit complicated. Fortunately, changing your blades is a snap once you understand the nuances of the blade-release button.

Basic Functions

  1. Place a thumb on the black sliding button on the top edge of the blade.

  2. Press inward and forward to slide out the razor blade. There are three predefined notches along the sliding track, which hold the blade in place with varying amounts of exposure.

  3. Retract the blade by pressing the black button downward and back toward your palm.

  4. Pull the yellow loop at the base of your razor blade to slide open the replacement blade reservoir. While two blades are included with your new utility knife, you can store up to three more blades within the reservoir.

  5. Slide the yellow reservoir back into place until it clicks shut when you are finished removing or adding replacement blades.

How to Replace the Razor Blade

  1. Press the black button downward and forward as far as it will go. Many users only push the black button to the final notch, but you must continue sliding past it to remove your blade.

  2. Press and hold the yellow blade release button on the side of your utility knife. Doing so will loosen your razor blade within the metal assembly.

  3. Pull the blade out of the utility knife.

  4. Insert your new blade into the slit, with the blade facing downward. You must continue holding down the yellow blade release button to allow the blade to fully enter the slit.

  5. Release the yellow blade release button and carefully slide the razor left and right until it locks into place. Press the black button downward and back to retract your new blade.


  • Always exercise the proper precautions when using razor blades. Failure to do so can result in serious injury.
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