How To Stop Kitchen Chair Pads From Slipping

Camela Bryan

Chairpads that won't stay in place are an unnecessary annoyance. It is annoying when a chair pad slides to the floor when you stand and can be even more annoying when the pad slips out from under you when you sit. Preventing a chair pad from falling out of place keeps the pads clean and the chair comfortable. You can anchor the pad in place without damaging the pad or the chair.

Kitchen chairs are more comfortable with a little cushioning.
  1. Place the cushion on the chair. Use pins to mark the spots on the edge of the cushion where it touches the vertical bars on the back of the chair.

  2. Cut two, 10-inch lengths of ribbon. Cut the ends of the ribbon at an angle so they willl not unravel. Choose ribbon that matches the color of the chair cushion.

  3. Sew the center of the ribbon to the edges of the cushion in the places marked with a pin. Use heavy upholstery thread to sew on securely.

  4. Place the cushion on the chair.

  5. Tie the ribbons around the bars of the back of the chair.