How to Assemble a Mini Maglite

The Mini Maglite is a small, lightweight flashlight featuring a high-powered LED light bulb. It also has multi-mode electronic switch that allows you to change the brightness of the bulb and the amount of energy used from 100 percent to 25 percent. It also has emergency modes where the light blinks once a second or the light will send a flashing SOS signal. The Mini Maglite runs off of two AA batteries.

A Mini Maglite flashlight can save energy with its multi-level energy modes.
  1. Slide the lip seal onto the tail cap assembly so that it fits comfortably in the ridges onto the tail cap assembly.

  2. Insert two AA batteries, positive ends first, into the barrel.

  3. Screw the tail cap assembly with the lip seal onto the end of the barrel.

  4. Slide an O-ring onto the top of the barrel.

  5. Screw the flashlight head onto the top of the barrel.

  6. Place an O-ring on the top of the flashlight head.

  7. Insert the reflector into the head of the flashlight.

  8. Place the clear lens on top of the reflector.

  9. Place an O-ring on the outside edge of the clear lens.

  10. Screw the face cap onto the head of the flashlight.


  • Do not turn on the flashlight until it is completely assembled.

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