How to Replace a Belt on a Whirlpool Washing Machine

If your Whirlpool washing machine makes sounds like it is working, but nothing is happening, it may be a faulty belt. Older Whirlpool washing machines use a belt to transfer the power of the motor to the transmission of the machine as well as the pump. A broken or slipped belt will produce a burning smell and may make a loud, annoying whine. Check your Whirlpool washing machine model to order the correct belt.

A washing machine that fails to turn needs a new belt.
  1. Turn off the power to the washing machine by unplugging it from the wall.

  2. Remove the access panel from the washing machine by unscrewing the holding screws. Some models may require that you tip the machine over to access the belts.

  3. Unscrew the clamps that hold the belt coupling that connects the motor to the water pump. It will be a flexible rubber part. Remove the coupling.

  4. Loosen the motor mounting bolts and push it inward to relieve the excess tension on the belt. Remove the old belt.

  5. Put one end of the new belt over the transmission pulley before putting it over the motor pulley. Re-tighten the bolts on the motor and the coupling. Replace the access door of the washing machine and test the new belt.