How to Change Your Name on a Home Title in Arizona

If you live in Arizona and own your own home, your name is listed on the title registered at your county's Register of Deeds office. This helps ensure your rights to the property and helps the county identify the individual responsible for taxes and other fees. If you recently changed your name, for whatever reason, you may need to change your name on the title as well to avoid confusion.

Changing your name in Arizona requires a court hearing.
  1. Fill out a change of name form and file it with the Arizona Superior court. Attend the hearing to obtain a name change. You will be contacted with the hearing date.

  2. Go to the Register of Deeds department. This is where property information such as deeds and titles is kept.

  3. Request that your deed be pulled. Check the names listed on the deed. You might not have to do anything. The courts may have forwarded notice to other departments about the name change.

  4. Ask that your name be changed on the title. Provide proof of your name change by showing the court paper work and your ID. You may need to have a Quit Claim deed filled out to change the name on the properly. This will require you to find a notary to witness the signing of the form. If there isn't one in the office, you will have to leave and come back with the form filled out.

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