How to Fix a Squeaky GE Spacemaker Dryer

Home appliance giant General Electric, more commonly known as GE, offers several innovative products to make everyday living easier for its customers. The company's Spacemaker series takes up little room in customer's houses; the dryer in the Spacemaker models, like other dryers, is prone to producing an audible squeaking or squealing noise that can be irritating when drying a load of clothes. This noise indicates there's something amiss in the bearings.

Fix a Squeaky GE Spacemaker Dryer
  1. Pull the dryer away from the wall to gain access to the power supply; unplug the cord from the wall and turn the dryer to face the backside of the unit. Unscrew the holding screws on the corners of the rear access panel and set them aside.

  2. Look at the idler pulley: if there's visible wear to the rubber pulley (common among dryers), remove and replace the pulley as directed in your Spacemaker owner's manual, using the belt specified in the manual. Generally speaking, the rubber idler belt pulls off from the pulleys with a little force. Replace the panel and start the dryer.

  3. Lift the dryer to see the unit's rollers on the bottom of the machine: visually inspect the rollers to ensure nothing is sticking to them and causing the rollers to sit off balance, which may cause the dryer's drum to lie to one side inside the dryer and rub. Remove any objects near the rollers.