How to Prevent People From Walking Into Patio Windows

Jim Franklin

Patio doors and windows provide light and allow for the enjoyment of outdoor beauty while inside. Patio windows can, however, present a danger. Large windows or those that are placed in or near frequently trafficked areas might cause individuals to walk into them. This is common among sliding glass that serves as a window and a door. Children might run into the glass, causing injury to themselves. To reduce the risk of collision, you can apply safety stickers, vinyl film or frost the glass.

There are several ways to prevent people from walking into glass windows.
  1. Attach safety stickers. You simply peel the backing off and stick them to the glass. Safety stickers made with various designs and prints to add decoration while preventing people from walking into patio windows and doors.

  2. Apply vinyl film to the patio window. This is similar to window tinting and can be purchased with faux frosted or etched finishes. Clean the glass thoroughly with window cleaner or rubbing alcohol. Measure the dimensions of the glass window with a tape measure. Cut the vinyl film with scissors to match the window's dimensions. Spray a mixture of soap and water on the glass window. Apply the window film to the glass. Smooth it out and remove any bubbles with a squeegee. Allow to the film to dry according the manufacturer's instructions.

  3. Frost the glass. Apply newspaper and tape around the edges of windows. Use a frosting spray paint over the glass. This reduces the transparency of the glass, making people less likely to walk into it. It also creates privacy while letting light in. Remove the tape and newspaper and allow the frosted paint to dry.