How to Clean Yellowed Kitchen Cabinets

Mel Frank

Wood cabinet doors are found in many kitchen areas. Wood is both traditional and versatile, which allows the material to fit in with almost any kitchen design. When you cook with grease and oil, the liquid can splatter or vaporize leaving a greasy, sticky residue on surfaces throughout the kitchen. This can other factors can lead to yellowing of the cabinets. To keep cabinets looking presentable, it is important to clean off the grease.

Clean yellowed kitchen cabinets with dish soap.
  1. Wet a cleaning rag under warm tap water. Wring it out and drizzle the rag with dish soap.

  2. Wipe over the cabinets, starting at the top and wiping downward. Follow the grain of the wood.

  3. Rinse out the cloth. Drizzle with fresh soap as needed until you get all the grease off the cabinets.

  4. Rinse the cloth with plain water this time. Wring it out and wipe over the wood to wash off any leftover soap.

  5. Apply a layer of oil soap to the cabinets if you wish to restore moisture and shine. Follow the instruction on the container, which often direct you to simply wipe a thin layer of the oil soap over the cabinets and either allow to air dry or wipe off with a damp rag.