Garden Gourmet Composter Directions

Tracy Morris

For consumers who are looking for a less-messy alternative to DIY composting, the Garden Gourmet Composter is an enclosed compost bin that has been marketed to consumers as an easy way to convert kitchen scraps into usable compost. The Garden Gourmet Composter has been featured on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," which has brought the compost bin to the attention of her fans. The compost bin is simple to assemble and use.

The Garden Gourmet Composter turns vegetable scraps into compost.
  1. Select a location for your Garden Gourmet Composter on level ground. The compost bin will assemble more easily on level ground.

  2. Read the instruction manual completely before assembling the Garden Gourmet Composter. Verify that all pieces of the compost bin are included in your boxed product. Remove the plastic binding, and arrange each piece of the composter so that you can access them easily as you assemble the compost bin.

  3. Snap the lowest panels together at the U-slot to form the base of the Garden Gourmet. Measure and cut a piece of hardware cloth, and place it inside the inner lip of these panels. The Garden Gourmet does not come with this hardware cloth. You can purchase hardware cloth at any hardware store. The cloth will help to keep vermin such as rats from crawling into the compost bin to access your fresh kitchen scraps.

  4. Place the base of the compost bin in the location where your composter will stand. Insert anchor stakes through the base and into the ground. Slide the side panels into place over the base of the composter. The side panels are assembled in pieces to create vents for your compost in the side of the composter. There will be four quarter-sized panels that you place near the bottom front of the compost bin to form a doorway for removing your compost from the structure. Once you slide these four quarter panels into place with two on each side of the front, continue to add full sized panels over them to form the front wall of the composter.

  5. Slide the door panel into the door panel slot in the front of the Garden Gourmet Composter. The door will slide down to cover the doorway. Place the lid on top of the compost bin to finish the structure, and remove the tape that secures the door in the center of the lid.

  6. Drop organic compostable items such as kitchen scraps, dead leaves, grass clippings, peat moss and garden refuse into the lid of the Garden Gourmet Composter. Pour the accelerator into the compost to start the composting process.

  7. Stir the compost once weekly with the winged aerator.

  8. Lift the door and remove the compost with a shovel from the bottom of the compost bin when all of the large compost items have broken down and become loam.