Washing Instructions for Nylon Jackets

Hillary Marshall
Nylon jackets protect you from wind and rain.

Nylon, commonly used for outerwear because of its durability and weather resistant qualities, protects you from moisture, wind and cold weather. To maintain the integrity of nylon you must launder it properly. Most jackets come with care instructions, but if you do not have the care instructions for your outerwear, you can follow some basic guidelines to keep it in good condition.

  1. Sort your laundry so that you wash your nylon jacket with similar fabrics and colors. Or wash your nylon jacket by itself.

  2. Select a gentle cycle for the washing machine. Choose a warm temperature setting, not hot or cold. Allow the washing machine to start filling with water. When water pools at the bottom of the washing machine, add a mild bleach-free detergent and allow it to dissolve.

  3. Load your nylon jacket and other items, if any, into the washing machine. Close the lid and allow the wash cycle to complete.

  4. Remove the nylon jacket from the washing machine as soon as the machine stops. Shake out the jacket to straighten it. To prevent wrinkling immediately put it on a hanger to air dry.