How to Set the Oven Timer on a Simpson Wall Oven

Simpson wall ovens have a built-in timer that will count down 60 minutes. They also have several knobs and buttons that may make it challenging to decipher which sequence of steps you should take to set the timer. Fortunately, the timer can be used with little effort as long as you know the proper procedures for setting it.

  1. Locate the timer button which is indicated by a bell in the lower right corner of the oven.

  2. Find the time set knob, also located in the lower right corner of the oven. It is indicated by a clock icon and a curved double-headed arrow.

  3. Press and hold down the timer button.

  4. Rotate the time set knob to the right to increase the desired time or to the left to decrease the time

  5. Release the timer set button to begin the count down.

  6. Press the timer button once to see how much time is left.

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