How to Purchase Materials to Install a Screened Porch

As far as home additions go, a screened porch is a relatively cheap outdoor option.

A screened porch can give you access to the outdoors.A screened porch can give you access to the outdoors.
Where patios and storage sheds often use cement and, therefore, require special equipment, screened porches are often constructed out of the most basic materials, including word and mesh screening. If you would like to install a screened porch on your home, you must first purchase the materials that will make up the porch.

Draw the plans for your porch if you know how to make a building plan. When you draw up your porch plans, make sure you include the dimensions that you would like for your porch to be. If you do not generally make your own building plans, you can buy screened porch plans online.

Create your materials list from the plans you drew for your screened porch. Make sure you include all of the dimensions for the wood and screening pieces for each section of your porch. If you choose to buy your screened porch plans, a materials list will usually be provided along with the plans.

Take the materials list to a home improvement store. You can save some time once you begin constructing your screened porch by having the wood boards you buy at the home improvement store cut down to the dimensions that they need to be according to your materials list at the store. When you purchase wood at a home improvement store, getting the wood cut is often included in the price.


  • If you need help getting started with your screened porch, you can purchase a complete porch package that includes all of the materials and plans for your screen from a manufacturer.
  • If you already have a porch on your home, you can screen in your existing porch as an alternative to building on a new screened porch.

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