How to Add Rust Remover to a Water Softener

Rust is a common problem in water supplies, causing stains on sinks, tubs and even clothes. It also changes the flavor of water. While water softeners alone remove a small amount of iron, adding a rust remover prevents rust buildup in the tank.

  1. Lift the lid of the brine tank, which is sometimes called a well. Set it aside.

  2. Mix a solution of commercial rust remover and water in a bucket. Use anywhere from 1/2 cup of rust remover per one gallon of water, to a much stronger solution of one cup remover per 1/2 gallon water. Follow the product's instructions.

  3. Pour the solution into the brine tank.

  4. Switch the unit's setting to "Regenerate," and wait as the solution washes through the brine tank and flushes the system.

  5. Repeat this process in a water softener with excessive rust content. Regenerate after each addition.

  6. Maintain a rust-free tank by adding rust remover periodically. Schedule maintenance for every three months, or whenever salt is added.


  • Avoid prolonged skin contact with rust removal solution and prevent it from getting in your eyes.