How to Use a RIDGID Strap Wrench

A RIDGID strap wrench uses a strong nylon strap to grip smooth objects.

Use a RIDGID Strap WrenchUse a RIDGID Strap Wrench
The strap does not mar the surface of polished materials. Orientating the handle of the wrench with the direction you need to turn the object provides the tension on the strap. Tension holds the wrench in place and provides a solid grip on an object. Using the tool correctly ensures it does not slip during use and cause you injury or damage the material you are tightening.

Pull the thumb latch on the top of the strap wrench toward the end of the nylon strap. Pull the end of the strap through the latch.

Face the object you are adjusting with the strap wrench.

Place the handle on the right side of the object to turn it counterclockwise or on the left side to tighten the object.

Roll the strap over the object. Feed the end of the strap through the thumb latch. Pull the end of the strap to pull it tight to the object.

Push the handle of the strap wrench to turn the object.

Pull the thumb latch toward the end of the nylon strap to release the strap from the object.