How to Convert Addresses to XY Coordinates

Using the geographic coordinate system, you can determine the precise geographic location of any address on the planet.

Every physical place on the Earth can be found using its x and y coordinates.Every physical place on the Earth can be found using its x and y coordinates.
That is because every place on Earth has been assigned longitudinal, represented by x, and latitudinal, represented by y, coordinates. There are a number of websites and services that will determine the coordinates of any physical address.

Navigate to a website -- like Google Earth, GPS Visualizer or -- that determines the latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates of any physical street addresses. Most websites work with all locations worldwide, while a few are confined to just domestic addresses.

Enter in as much information about the target address as you know, starting with the street, city, state, etc. Many of these services rely on Yahoo! and Google Geocoding APIs to track down those coordinates.

Wait for the results to come up. Generally, they will be expressed in longitude (x) and latitude (y), which can be further broken down into degrees, minutes and seconds. Most sites also display a map of the coordinates.

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