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How to Have Georgia Natural Gas Turned on After Being Cut Off

Thomas Thayer

Georgia Natural Gas is a gas marketer located in Kennesaw, Georgia. The company provides natural gas service to all of the metro Atlanta area and many of the surrounding counties.

Disconnection of natural gas service will cause disruption in homes and businesses.

Just as with any utility provider, Georgia Natural Gas customers can have their service disconnected for account non-payment and late payments. In most cases, disconnected service with Georgia Natural Gas can be reconnected when the account is paid in full and any additional requirements are met.


  1. Call Georgia Natural Gas within 10 days of disconnection and request a reconnection of natural gas service. Requests received after 10 days of disconnection will be treated as a new service request.

  2. Georgia Natural Gas Customer Service:

  3. 770-850-6200 (inside metro Atlanta) 1-877-850-6200 (outside metro Atlanta)

  4. Provide your Georgia Natural Gas account number and service address to the customer service representative.

  5. Pay all past due amounts on the account with your payment method. Before service can be reestablished, all past due amounts -- including late fees and service charges -- will need to be paid in full.

  6. Pay a service reconnection charge with your payment method. Georgia Natural Gas will require payment of a service reconnection fee before natural gas service can be reestablished. A customer service representative will advise you on what the current amount of this fee is.

  7. Pay a service deposit. Customers must meet Georgia Natural Gas's credit requirements in order to have service reconnected. A service deposit may be required, depending on credit and payment history. A customer service representative will advise you on what the amount of this deposit will be, if required.

  8. Prepare for service reconnection by turning off all gas-powered appliances at the service location. Georgia Natural Gas employees do not perform service disconnection or reconnection, and will only be able to provide a general time frame for reconnection of natural gas service.


Contact Georgia Natural Gas immediately when payment cannot be made on time to discuss payment arrangements that can prevent disconnection of natural gas service.