How to Use Plywood for Paneling

When it comes to applying a wood cover to a wall, most people choose wall paneling. You can create wall panels from several pieces of wood compressed together to create a 1/8-inch or 1/4-inch buildup that is decorated with grooves or other cutout designs. Plywood is another option for wall paneling because it is a much harder product than typical panels. You can install plywood panels in the same manner as regular wall panels, in the same amount of time, and they will continue to appear stylish in any space for years to come.

Plywood sheets come in the same 4x8-foot size as traditional wall panels.
  1. Measure the length of each wall in the room that you are paneling. Write down the perimeter of the room in inches. Divide the total number by 48-inches to determine how many panels you will need to cover the entire wall.

  2. Measure up one-fourth inch from the base of each corner in the room to create a guideline for placing the paneling. Snap a chalk line and verify that it's level, using a level. Make adjustments if necessary.

  3. Place the first panel along the chalk line, beginning in the corner of the room. Be sure the panel is flush with the corner of the room. Locate all studs with a studfinder. Drive one nail through the top and bottom of every stud along the top and bottom of the panel.

  4. Line the second panel with the previously installed panel and the chalk line along the bottom. Drive one nail through each stud along the top and bottom edge of the panels. Repeat steps three and four until you cover the entire wall surface, exposing a gap less than 48-inches remaining.

  5. Measure the remaining wall surface and cut the width of the 4x8-foot panel to fit.

  6. Install the cut panel into the remaining wall space, lining up the bottom edge with the chalk lines and the sides of the panel with the previously installed panel and the corner of the wall.

  7. Repeat steps three through seven until you cover the entire surface of the wall . Mark any cut areas for light switches, plugs or windows and cut them from the panels with a hand saw.