How to Clean the HEPA Filter of the Rainbow Vacuum E Series

Cricket Webber

Rainbow vacuum cleaners use a unique system to contain dirt. Instead of a bag or empty canister, the Rainbow funnels dirt from your carpet into a water-filled reservoir. The E series uses a HEPA filter, or HEPA neutralizer, to remove small particles of dust and dander before sending air back into your room. It also helps the vacuum cleaner to operate more quietly. The HEPA neutralizer can function without cleaning for up to 36 months of normal use. If you notice that your Rainbow E series vacuum cleaner is losing cleaning power, it may be time to clean your HEPA neutralizer.

Step 1

Remove the panel on the back of your Rainbow vacuum. Press the latch on either side up, then pull the bottom of the panel toward you. You should be able to slide the panel up once it is free.

Step 2

Pull the top edge of the HEPA neutralizer toward you and lift it up out of the housing.

Step 3

Hold the HEPA neutralizer with the louvers facing upward. Run cold water into the HEPA neutralizer until the water overflows. Continue flushing the filter with water for one minute.

Step 4

Turn over the HEPA neutralizer and shake it to allow the water to leave through the louvers.

Step 5

Flush the HEPA neutralizer again with water. Repeat the process until the water you shake out of the filter is clean.

Step 6

Shake the filter with the louvers facing down to remove as much water as possible.

Step 7

Replace the HEPA neutralizer in your Rainbow vacuum.

Step 8

Take the vent door off of the rear panel and empty the water basin.

Step 9

Lay the Rainbow vacuum on a clean towel with the vent door facing down onto the towel.

Step 10

Put the airflow adapter on the machine as though you were about to run it.

Step 11

Run the Rainbow vacuum for 30 minutes to dry out the HEPA neutralizer.

Step 12

Reattach the vent door.