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How to Remove an Amana Refrigerator Water Filter

Cassandra Tribe

Every six months, remove and replace your Amana refrigerator water filter to ensure that your family's water is clean and pure.

Change Your Filter Every 6 Months, This Could Be What Is Inside

After all, having a refrigerator water filtering system was probably one of your deciding factors in buying the refrigerator, and it will pay off in the long run to keep up with the recommended maintenance for changing the filter. The hardest thing about how to remove a water filter is knowing where to find it, but, even then, it is designed to be easily accessible, and the whole job will take less than five minutes.

  1. Prop open the door to your Amana refrigerator, so it will not close on you as you work. Don't worry about the inside temperature heating up because you will not have the door open for long.

  2. Locate the filter. It will be underneath the highest shelf toward the rear of the refrigerator and will resemble a white canister protruding down from a box.

  3. Grab the bottom of the filter with both hands, and turn it counterclockwise to break the seal. Do not continue unscrewing it now; go to the next step.

  4. Wrap the Amana refrigerator water filter in a dish towel and slowly continue unscrewing it from the filter box until you can pull it down and remove it from the refrgerator. The towel will prevent any water from inside the filter from spilling on the contents of your refrigerator.

  5. Carry the water filter (careful to maintain its original upright position) over to your sink, and turn it quickly upside down to drain the water from it before throwing the old filter away.


If your filter is extremely difficult to remove, use a strap oil wrench, and attach it the same way as you would to an oil filter in a car and use it to break the seal.


Even if your water looks clear and tastes good, change the filter every six months. Water filters can come to contain harmful bacteria growths over time, and it is better to maintain a clean filter then deal with an illness caused by an old one.