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How to Use a Stir Crazy Popcorn Maker

Athena Hessong

The Stir Crazy popcorn maker is a brand name product made by West Bend. This appliance combines the continuous stirring method used in making stovetop popcorn with the ease of an electrical appliance. These devices are sold in housewares stores with other small kitchen electrics. Use your favorite oil and popcorn kernels in this machine to make popcorn in less time than the stove without a microwave. The cover of the Stir Crazy also doubles as a bowl for serving.

Popcorn is a movie snack favorite you can make at home without a microwave.
  1. Remove the lid of the Stir Crazy.

  2. Spread the oil and popcorn into a single layer in the bottom of the popcorn popper.

  3. Replace the lid so the lid's handles lock into the handles on the machine.

  4. Arrange the cut butter into the butter well in the top of the lid in an even layer. The butter well has holes in the bottom so the butter drips onto the popcorn as it pops.

  5. Plug in one end of the power cord into the base of the Stir Crazy and the pronged end into an electrical outlet. This automatically begins the heating and popping cycle.

  6. Wait for four to six minutes until most of the popcorn kernels have popped and there are several seconds between pops.

  7. Unplug the popper's electrical cord from both the outlet and the base.

  8. Press the butter well cover over the well to prevent the melted butter from spilling.

  9. Hold the lid and cover handles together with both hands and turn the Stir Crazy upside down on a flat surface.

  10. Lift up the base away from the lid that now holds the popcorn as the serving bowl.