How to Wire an Amana Clothes Dryer

According to the National Electric Code (NEC), newly installed electric dryers must have a four-wire, 220-volt electric circuit.

Amana clothes dryers work on a 220-volt circuit.Amana clothes dryers work on a 220-volt circuit.
Older homes may be wired with only a three-wire circuit. In this case, the NEC recommends upgrading the wiring to the safer four-wire configuration. If you have a four-wire receptacle in your laundry area, wiring an Amana clothes dryer is a straightforward task requiring the connection of two (black and red) hot wires, a (white) neutral wire and a (green) ground wire.

Remove the Phillips-head screw from the metal cover at the back of the dryer. Under the cover is the main electrical terminal block, which consists of three large terminals in a row, and a smaller green terminal set below.

Unscrew the middle screw in the main block with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Feed the screw through the connector at the end of the white wire on the cable. Place the screw back into the middle terminal and tighten the screw.

Remove the outer screws in the terminal block and attach the red and black wires from the cable to the outer terminals in the same way. It does not matter to which terminal you connect the red or black wires; both are "hot" and each provides 110 volts of electricity to the dryer.

Remove the smaller (green) screw from the terminal below the main block with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Attach the ground wire as above and tighten the screw.

Replace the terminal housing cover and secure the screw.

Plug the Amana dryer into a four-wire outlet and operate the dryer to test the circuit.

Things You Will Need

  • Phillips-head screwdriver

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