How to Survive After an EMP

An electro magnetic pulse, or EMP, is a burst of electromagnetic radiation from an explosion or changes in a magnetic field. A strong solar flare can cause EMP as well. An EMP is a very serious threat. EMP attacks knock out all electronics in the area, making some travel impossible and calls for help difficult. Surviving an EMP requires proper preparation and knowledge of what to do after an attack occurs in your area.


The explosion from a nuclear bomb can create a serious EMP.
  1. Store lots of water and dried or canned foods. Electricity will not return quickly, so going to the store may not be an option and running water may be scarce. Rotate supplies in your storage as they begin to go bad so that there is a constantly fresh store.

  2. Store bikes in your home for non-motorized transport.

  3. Purchase a generator and keep a supply of fuel. This can help when you need short bursts of power.

  4. Store cash in your home for emergencies. Cash machines will not work.

  5. Create a first aid kit that includes splints, gauze for burns, plasters, anti-itch medication, allergy medication and stores of whatever prescription medicines you take.

  6. Store light sources that run on batteries, and keep a store of batteries on hand.

After EMP

  1. Immediately go to a meeting place you have agreed upon with your family ahead of an attack.

  2. Lock all doors to keep panicked neighbors out of your stores. It is important to protect your goods.

  3. Use your supplies sparingly during the first few days. Adjust rations once the general outlook for your area is assessed.


  • Do not panic.
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