How to Troubleshoot a Bissell 8910

Your Bissell ProHeat 8910 steam cleaner comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

Spray Issues

If your machine begins to experience operating issues, you'll want to be sure to get it fixed during that first year. But before you call for warranty service, troubleshoot the machine yourself.

Check the water bladder. Push the handle release and recline the handle. Pull the tank's handle upward to remove it. Push the handle away from you and pull the lid off. Pour hot tap water into the water bladder. Make sure the handle is still directed away from you, then line the tank and lid up. Push the lid down as you rotate the handle back toward you. Put the water tank back into the base of the floor cleaner. Lift the machine's handle back into proper position.

Check the cleaner tank. Pull the formula tank upward to remove it from the machine's base. Remove the cap and its insert. Pour manufacturer-recommended cleaning solution in the tank to the fill line. Place the cap and insert back on the tank, then slide the tank into the rear of the machine.

Push the cleaner's "Off" button. Take all tanks from the machine and replace them to be sure they're properly positioned. Push the "On" button.

Push the cleaner's "Off" button. Wait about a minute, then push the "On" button and pull the spray trigger.

Brush Issues

Push the cleaner's "Off" button. Remove the electrical plug from its outlet.

Place the blade of a flat-head screwdriver into the bottom gap on the belt's access door. Release the snap. Place the blade of the screwdriver in the top gap and release that snap as well.

Inspect the belt. If it is broken, call Bissell Customer Service for a replacement belt and instructions on how to install it.

Suction Issues

Dump dirty water from the tank-in-tank. Pull the tank from the unit by its handle. Take it to a sink, rotate the handle away from you and remove it from the tank. Pour the water out. Remove any debris. Pull the lint screen off the tank's lid and rinse it. Replace the screen, then refill the water bladder as you would for spray issues.

Adjust the Ready Tools dial. It must be placed either on "Floor Cleaning" or "Tools" for proper suction.

Make sure the tabs on the nozzle window are properly seated by pushing down on the black oval gasket, which is located near the upper window.

Push down harder on hand-held attachments to increase their suction power. You may also need to adjust the angle at which you hold the attachment.

Things You Will Need

  • Recommended cleaning solution
  • Flat-head screwdriver


  • Make sure both the Smart Temp and power switches are on if the heater ready light does not light at all.
  • The Bissell Customer Service number is 800-237-7691.

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