How to Mount Keg Towers Onto Granite

Kay Matthews

Keg towers are connected to a beer source that is usually hidden underneath a counter. The keg towers are mounted on top of a counter and have levers that are raised or lowered to dispense the beer. In attaching keg towers to granite, you will find that holes are predrilled in the base of the keg towers, making the attachment process a little easier. Drilling holes in granite is a delicate process. It it's not done correctly, it can damage the countertop.

A keg tower dispenses beer from a keg.

Step 1

Place the keg towers on the granite where you want to install them. The keg towers should have predrilled mounting holes at the base. Mark the location of these holes onto the granite surface, using a pointed-tip marker.

Step 2

Place your drill bits through the predrilled holes of the keg tower to find the one that is the right size. This will ensure that the holes drilled into the granite are not too large.

Step 3

Drill a small hole in the cap from the medicine bottle. Place the cap on top of one of the marks you made on the granite in Step 1. Ensure that the mark on the counter is visible through the hole you drilled in the plastic lid.

Step 4

Mold the plumber's putty around the base of the medicine bottle cap. This will help keep the cap in place and prevent oil from seeping underneath the cap and onto the counter when drilling into the granite.

Step 5

Fill the bottle cap with oil. The oil will prevent the drill bit from overheating.

Step 6

Put on the protective eyewear. Attach the drill bit to the power drill. Insert the tip through the oil and into the hole in the cap. It is important that you drill in the correct location.

Step 7

Slowly drill through the granite, 10 seconds at a time. Pull the drill bit gently out of the granite while it is still turning. It will cool as it touches the oil. Repeat this process, 10 seconds at a time, until you have drilled into the granite the desired depth.

Step 8

Move the cap, putty and oil to the location of the next hole position. Wipe up any oil that leaks as you move the cap to the next location. Repeat the drilling process for all the holes.

Step 9

Clean off the counter as soon as possible with brake cleaner, then a household detergent, to avoid getting oil stains on the granite. Clean the counter thoroughly once all holes are drilled.

Step 10

Secure the keg tower to the granite with the screws that came with it. If screws did not come with your keg tower, purchase screws of an appropriate size and length.