My Kenmore Washer 80 Series Won't Drain

The Kenmore brand 80 series washer is a high efficiency washer with a top-loading drum and other features, including temperature control, Energy Star rating, electronic controls, reduced vibration, and a spray rinse option. While the washer is designed to perform well under most circumstances, certain problems may require some troubleshooting efforts, such as when the washer will not drain. Performing some checks may identify the cause of the problem and possibly offer a solution without professional assistance, although it is best practice to contact a service technician if troubleshooting efforts do not resolve the situation.

  1. Look to see if the drain hose is kinked or has any visible obstructions. Straighten out the hose and clean out any blockages.

  2. Ensure the drain hose is properly connected to the washer, as a loose connection will cause problems with the drain function.

  3. Examine the nearest sink and drain for possible clogs or obstructions and clean as necessary. The local sink and drainpipe should be able to drain up to 17 gallons of water per minute and obstructions may interfere with proper drainage.

  4. Ensure the drain hose is pulled from the washer cabinet and installed in a laundry tub or secured to the drainpipe to provide proper drainage. The end of the drain hose should not be more than 96 inches above the floor. Adjust as necessary.

  5. Measure out the proper amount of detergent for each load and always use a high efficiency laundry detergent to prevent oversudsing, which can lead to drain problems. If oversudsing occurs, press "Rinse/Drain" to perform a manual rinse and drain cycle and then press "Start".

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