How to Dig for an Outhouse

An outhouse is a separate small building that encloses a toilet. An outhouse keeps the home completely free of any toilet or bathroom odor by keeping any mess outside.

Dig a hole for your outhouse
  1. Locate the spot where you would like to have your outhouse. Make sure that it is at least 100 feet away from any water source to avoid contamination and also away from the general traffic of people.

  2. Call 811 on a touch tone phone before digging to discuss if any pipes or electrical wires are running under the location you would like to dig.

  3. Use your shovel to dig a hole at the location you will have your outhouse about five feet deep and three feet in width on both sides. Dig your hole as evenly as possible, making straight walls.

  4. Move the outhouse carefully over the hole once completed. Pack any dirt where there are loose spaces around the outhouse.


  • Call your local power agency before you dig to avoid cutting into an electrical line or gas pipe that can cause damage or injury.
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