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How to Clean Graphing Calculators

Tallulah Philange

Graphing calculators are common tools used in high school and college math classes. Due to their frequent use and storage in backpacks and lockers, graphing calculators are likely to get dirty. The screen may smudge or the keys may get sticky. Cleaning the unit is a straightforward process, as long as you take care not to drip any water onto the calculator.

Use cotton swabs to clean your graphing calculator.
  1. Invert the calculator and shake it gently to free any loose debris or dirt before cleaning.

  2. Dip a cotton swab into a cup of water and blot it on a cloth to remove excessive moisture. The swab should be just damp with no water dripping from the end.

  3. Move the swab gently over the graphing calculator screen without exerting much pressure. If marks persist, repeat the process several times. Avoid rewetting the cotton swab unless it completely dries out. Wipe the screen with a cloth to dry.

  4. Dip the swab back into the water and blot thoroughly. The tip should be less wet than it was when you cleaned the screen.

  5. Clean between the keyboard by carefully moving the swab between and over the keys. Do not insert the swab under the keys.

  6. Wet a small section of a cloth in the water and wring it out. Clean the back and sides of the calculator, ensuring that no water pools on the unit. Use a wet cotton swab to clean out the side groves that the cover slides into. Dry the calculator with a cloth.

  7. Rewet and wring the cloth and wipe the cover on all sides. Allow the cover to air dry or use a dry section of the cloth.