How to Attach a Frame to a Bathroom Mirror

Framing a bathroom mirror adds a nice aesthetic touch to the mirror and improves the look of the whole room. Add a new frame to a mirror that was installed without one or replace an old frame that is wearing away --- it's an easy and low-cost project.

You can tailor the color of your new mirror frame to match the motif of the bathroom.
  1. Measure the dimensions of the mirror to gauge the length and width of wood you will need to construct it. Give yourself a little extra wood to work with since you will be cutting the frame moldings from this wood.

  2. Purchase the required wood based on these measurements at your local hardware store. Also purchase a waterproof glue that will withstand the bathroom's humidity. Try Probond Ultimate Glue, Elmer's Stixall or Household Goop for strong, reliable glue brands.

  3. Cut the molding from the wood according to desired dimensions using a handsaw. Use a pencil to mark the indentations where you will cut around the brackets that fasten the mirror to the bathroom wall, and then cut along those markings.

  4. Sand and varnish the molding face to smooth it out and spruce up its aesthetic appeal. Wait for the varnish to dry before proceeding.

  5. Apply the glue to the back of the bottom piece of molding and secure it to the bottom of the mirror. Once it dries, you can do the same to the two side pieces of molding. By placing the bottom piece first, you provide some "support" for the side molding strips. Once dried, apply glue to the top piece and attach it to the top of the mirror.

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