How to Empty a Home Oil Tank

Home oil burners use oil stored in a tank to heat the radiator pipes circulating through the house. When you want to clean your home oil tank or switch to another method of heating, you will have to drain the remaining oil from the home oil tank before it can be properly cleaned or replaced. Home oil tanks, which are usually located in the basement or outside the home, are emptied with a burner pump.

Empty your home's oil tank before cleaning or replacing it.
  1. Connect the burner pump to the oil line on the oil tank with a wrench.

  2. Disconnect the outlet line on the burner pump with the wrench. Connect a tapered pipe thread fitting in place of the outlet line.

  3. Cut a line of plastic tubing. Make sure it is long enough to reach from the burner pump to outside. Attach a compressor nut to the end of the tubing and screw it onto the tapered pipe thread connected to the burner pump.

  4. Thread the plastic tubing outside through the oil vent line. You may have to cut off a section of the oil vent line with a reciprocating saw in order to thread the plastic tubing all the way through.

  5. Put the oil barrels in the back of a truck or on a trailer so they are easy to transport when at full capacity.

  6. Put the end of the plastic tubing into the barrel and turn the burner pump on. Let the oil pump into the barrel until it is full. Turn off the pump when it is full and place the end of the plastic tubing in an empty barrel and turn the pump back on. Repeat until the tank is empty.

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