How to Register KitchenAid Products

KitchenAid created its first stand mixer for home use in 1919, the first in a long line of household kitchen appliances. Registering your products will help KitchenAid to better serve you in the event of problems with your merchandise. You can register your product by completing the registration card that came packaged with the item and then simply dropping it into the mail. If your item did not come with a registration card or you prefer to register electronically, KitchenAid also offers an online registration system.

Mailing Your Registration Card

The original KitchenAid stand mixer is very similar in appearance to the modern version.

Step 1

Find the registration card that came with your new KitchenAid product. The registration card will most likely be packaged with the instruction manual and warranty information.

Step 2

Fill in the necessary information on the card. Make a copy of the registration card for your records.

Step 3

Mail the original card to KitchenAid. Place the copy you made of your registration card in a file along with the original receipt.

Online Registration

Step 1

Visit KitchenAid.com and click on the "Service & Support" tab. Then click on "Register Products."

Step 2

Enter the required information into the correct sections. Required personal information for product registration includes your name, address, email address and phone number. You will also need to enter the model number, serial number and date of purchase.

Step 3

Click on the "Register" button at the bottom of the registration page. Complete any directions that follow.

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