How to Restring Split Draw Vertical Blinds

Brittiany Cahoon

Split draw blinds are built to make opening and closing your blinds easy. These blinds are built on a rod with individual carriers for each vane, or panel. This rod is controlled by a wand to open and close the blinds and a string that moves the carriers on the rod. Vertical blinds are fairly easy to operate, but these kind of blinds can be frustrating when a piece breaks or the whole set needs to be restrung. You can restring the blinds yourself.

Vertical blinds can be repaired by hand or with the aid of a kit.
  1. Reattach your head rail onto the mounts in your window casing, if necessary. Push the head rail onto the mounts until it snaps in place.

  2. Space the vane stems, or the knobs that hold the blinds in place, evenly by pulling the cord. Pull the chain to make the stems face toward you.

  3. Attach the individual blinds by sliding them into the knobs with the bulged part facing out. Test your blinds by pulling the string and beaded cords to open and close the blinds.