How to Build a Display Stand

Display stands are used in smaller boutiques and stores selling items such as plates, small paintings or books.

Use a display stand to showcase your favorite books.
The type of display stand used to display these items is the same as the stands used to display vintage plates in the home. The display stands are small easels, so they can securely hold and display items in your home or at your store. These display stands can be expensive to purchase, so building one at home is a cheaper alternative. All you need is basic plywood and hardware store tools and supplies. .

Place the plywood sheet on a flat surface, such as a table or floor. Take the ruler, measuring tape and pencil and draw a rectangle measuring 8 inches by 2 inches on the plywood. Draw an additional piece measuring 4 inches by 2 inches and one small piece measuring 2 inches by 1/2 inch.

Cut the three plywood rectangles out using the jigsaw. Sandpaper the sides and edges to remove splinters and cracks.

Place the 4-inch long piece on a table. Ensure that the 2-inch width is flat down instead of standing up. Place the small 2-inch by 1/2-inch piece on top of the 4-inch piece, but slide it down to one end. The 2-inch width of both pieces should line up. Hammer 3/4-inch nails into the small piece from the top, so they extend into the 4-inch piece.

Take the 8-inch long piece and place it so it sticks directly up in the air. Slide it up to the 4-inch piece, but at the opposite end of the small piece you just attached. The 2-inch sides should line up.

Attach the 8-inch tall piece to the 4-inch piece by hammering nails into the 8-inch piece, so it extends into the 4-inch piece. The finished product should look like a mechanical U-shape, where one end is 8-inches high and the other is 1/2-inch high, with a 4-inch long center bar.

Repeat this building procedure to create several display stands. Place a small canvas painting on one of the display stands by placing the stand in the center of the painting, so it does not fall over. Use two or more stands to display a large plate or serving dish. You can also use this display stand for books or other flat items.

Things You Will Need

  • 1/2-inch thick plywood
  • Pencil
  • Measuring tape
  • Ruler
  • Jigsaw
  • Sandpaper
  • 3/4-inch nails
  • Hammer

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