How to Put Up a Mailbox on the Road

Whether your old mailbox has succumbed to the elements or you want to increase your curb appeal, putting up a new mailbox can be an enhancement to your property. Setting up a mailbox on the road is somewhat challenging, but is still possible for most people when following a few steps.

It's important to follow regulations when putting up a mailbox.
  1. Contact your local post office to inquire about the current regulations concerning the height of your mailbox as well as the suggested distance from the road. Record these dimensions before beginning the project.

  2. Measure the appropriate distance back from the curb to place the mailbox by using a tape measure. This is where you will dig your hole.

  3. Dig a hole matching the suggested depth from the post office plus 4 inches by using either a post hole digger or shovel. The extra space is intended for gravel which aids in helping precipitation to drain. The width of the hole should be approximately twice the size of your mailbox post.

  4. Pour in 4 inches of gravel to line the bottom of the hole. This won't require much gravel; usually a small to medium sized bag will suffice.

  5. Place the mailbox post into the center of the hole. Either have an assistant hold the post in place or lean another piece of wood against the back of the post to keep it in place. Use your level on both sides to properly balance the post.

  6. Mix the dry cement with water into a bucket using a trowel until it is roughly the consistency of pancake batter. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the package for details.

  7. Pour the cement mixture into the hole surrounding the mailbox post until it is approximately 3 inches from the top of the hole. Use the level once more to ensure that the post is still balanced.

  8. Allow the concrete to set for at least 24 hours and then fill up the remaining 3 inches of the hole with dirt. Be sure to pack the dirt down firmly.


  • Contact your local city or county authorities to ensure that there are no electrical or gas lines where you intend to dig.