How to Make Rolled Stagecoach Blinds

Amma Marfo

The classic look and style of rolled stagecoach blinds give you an opportunity to bring a variety of colors to the upper areas of a room, while adding the pattern of two different fabrics and the softness of tied ribbon. While a rolled stagecoach blind, also called a shade, looks highly sophisticated and decorative, the process to make one of these blinds is straightforward in construction and appropriate for even the most novice of sewing beginners.

  1. Measure the width of your window and add 1 inch to this measurement. Measure the length of the window and add 4 inches to this measurement. Purchase two coordinating pieces of fabric at this width and length measurement.

  2. Pair your two fabrics with the wrong sides of the fabric facing out. Pin around the edges. Sew a 1/2-inch seam along all four sides and stop your seam when you come within 3 to 4 inches of your starting stitch to create a gap.

  3. Turn the fabric right side out through the gap. Push the seams out to smooth all four sides of the fabrics straight. Iron the seams to make them crisp. Sew the opening closed.

  4. Fold over a width edge along the top of the blind by 3 inches and pin to hold. Sew across the width of the fabric to hold the fold in place and form a pocket for the curtain rod. Hang your blind on the curtain rod using the pocket.

  5. Stand in front of the window and roll the bottom of the blind up toward you. Continue to roll the blind up on itself until the shade is hanging as far down as you want. Place pins in the rolled portion to hold it in place.

  6. Cut a length of ribbon to two and a half times the length of your window measurement from Step 1. Drape half of the ribbon over the curtain rod and blind and then bring the ends even at the bottom of the window. Tie the ends into a bow at the base of your rolled blind to hold the roll and then remove the pins. For wide windows, use two or more ribbons evenly spaced to hold the roll.