How to Fold Towels Into Shapes

It is a treat to walk into a hotel room and see the towels folded into animals or other shapes. Some of the most popular animals are stingrays, teddy bears, monkeys or an elephant. But this is not something only hotels do; you can learn to do it yourself with a little practice. Place these folded towels on your guest beds to make your overnight guests feel special. You also can use these same techniques to fold napkins for your dinner table.


  1. Lay out your bath towel on a table where you have plenty of room to work. Start at the bottom of the towel, and roll up half of the towel as tightly as possible.

  2. Start at the other end of the towel, and roll it up to the halfway point so you have two rolls next to each other.

  3. Place either hand on the ends of the rolls, and fold the towel in half so that the rolls are on the outside of the loop.

  4. Hold the towel tightly in one hand while you pull just the middle of each roll out about 1 inch, just enough for you to hold onto.

  5. Grab the 1-inch sections, two in either hand, and pull the rolls -- the arms and legs -- apart to form the monkey body. Pull them apart enough so that either side is touching to table. Set this aside.

  6. Place the wash cloth on your table on the diagonal. Fold the bottom of the wash cloth up to make a triangle. Fold each bottom corner up to the top point to make a square.

  7. Flip the square over so that all the folded parts are on the bottom. Fold the bottom corner of the square up to form another triangle.

  8. Hold the wash cloth in your hands, and fold it in half and flip at the same time to form the monkey's head.

  9. Place the head in between the arms and legs of the body.


  1. Follow Steps 1 through 3 above to form the legs of the elephant. Stand the legs on end.

  2. Find the middle of the hand towel, and hold it tightly with your teeth. Grasp the sides of the towel on either side of your mouth and roll tightly until you have about 6 inches of towel left on either side for the floppy ears.

  3. Turn the ears over with the point where you held the towel with your mouth pointing downward. Roll the point upward a little to form the trunk.

  4. Pull down the top flap to form the face, and make the ears more pronounced.