How to Replace Keys for an Armoire

Maxwell Payne

Armoires come in many shapes and sizes and can be used for a variety of purposes. Some armoires house a desk surface while others are large enough to accomodate clothing or boxes. If you need a copy of the key or have lost the original keys you can get a new key or copy produced. If you need to lock the armoire or are locked out of the armoire, there are professionals who can assist. Since many armoires are also antiques it is important to have a locksmith who is precise and has experience with old locks.

Sometimes a skeleton key can open old locks.
  1. Locate a skeleton key if you have lost the original keys or need an extra key. Skeleton keys can be found in a variety of locations such as hardware stores, antique stores, and from vendors such as Sears, Home Depot, Amazon and eBay. Often skeleton keys will open old antique locks. Attempt to insert the key into the armoire lock and turn.

  2. Take one of the armoire keys to a locksmith, preferably a locksmith who specializes in antiques or in furniture. Request at least one copy to be made. Test the copies when finished to ensure they open the armoire locks. Standard key makers may not have the knowledge or equipment needed to produce a replica of an antique furniture key.

  3. Request that a furniture restorer or locksmith who works with old locks come to inspect the armoire and make a key copy based off the original lock itself. This is advisable if you have lost the keys, skeleton keys don't work, or a copy made has failed to operate properly. A skilled locksmith or restorer will be able to inspect the lock and fashion a workable key based on the design of the actual lock instead of a key copy.