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How to Put Drainage Down My Fence Line

John Walker

Drainage routes water along a predetermined path. The ideal drainage catches water flowing off of a hill aimed at the yard or a house's foundation and routes it to a location where the water can gather safely, such as a pond or valley. Building a drainage ditch along your fence line can be accomplished without having to tear up your existing fence. The ideal drainage ditch is within a few yards of the house but placing it along the fence line catches any water flowing from outside the property.

The drainage ditch can follow the path of any existing fence.

Step 1

Dig a ditch 2 feet deep and one foot wide. Position the center of the ditch two feet in from the edge of the fence. You can position the ditch two feet outside the fence if you have permission to dig there. Make sure the ditch follows a steady decline away from the fence and house, and terminates at a point where the water can be safely released.

Step 2

Fill the bottom few inches with pea gravel. Lay the perforated pipe on top of the bottom layer of rock with the holes in the pipe pointed downwards.

Step 3

Fill the remainder of the hole to within a few inches of the surface with pea gravel. Backfill the remaining few inches with dirt. Leave a slight mound as the dirt will settle into the hole.