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How to Remove a Stump With Kerosene

Dan Gaz

It's important to keep your yard in tip-top shape. When older or diseased trees die off, you're better off getting rid of them as soon as possible. After you've chopped them down to just short of ground level, the stump still remains. No need to get the rope and a pickup as there's an easier way to remove the last remaining bits of your old tree.

Get rid of unsightly old stumps in your yard.
  1. Use your drill, the 1-inch bit and the 12-inch extension to drill holes into the top of the stump around the perimeter. Space out the holes evenly and as plentiful as area allows.

  2. Pour 3 to 4 ozs. of powdered potassium nitrate (stump remover) into the drilled holes, topping each hole off with water from the watering can. The "removal process" takes between four and six weeks, and it's important to keep kids and pets away for the duration.

  3. Fill each hole with kerosene or fuel oil, but never gasoline. The fuel must saturate the stump. This saturation period can take up to two weeks.

  4. Cover the saturated stump with chicken wire and clear all leaves, twigs and debris away from the area to ensure safe burning.

  5. Drop a lit match into each hole and allow the stump to smolder for a few days. You'll be left with a hole that looks like it's filled with crushed charcoal, which are the remains of your stump.