How to Troubleshoot an Amana Bottom Freezer

Amana refrigerators that have a bottom freezer can be advantageous because they have more storage space than side-by-side refrigerators or refrigerators that have freezers at the top.

Amana bottom freezer refrigerators feature an "EasyFreezer" pull-out drawer, which is designed to open easily, even if there is a lot of food in the freezer. The freezer also has slide-out baskets, meaning that it can be easier for you to locate the food for which you are looking without needing to dig through the freezer. Amana recommends a few troubleshooting tips for those who are having problems with the freezer.

Close the freezer door completely if you are having problems with the water or ice dispenser working. Closing the freezer door allows the water and ice to be dispensed. If the door is open, water and ice will not flow.

Check the temperature gauge inside the freezer. If the temperature gauge is set to a temperature that is too warm, the food items in the freezer will not freeze the way they should. Also, the ice in the freezer will not freeze as fast as it otherwise would.

Wait 24 hours before you add food to the freezer. Adding food too early to the freezer can be harmful to the food because the freezer is not yet at the proper temperature.

Check the freezer control to make sure it is set to the "On" position. A freezer that is not turned on is not able to freeze, thus the food stays warm. A display on the freezer panel that appears with a "-" means that the freezer is off.