How to Convert an Upholstered Chair Into a Glider Rocker

Standard upholstered chairs remain in one place unless you pull them across the floor.

Turn your chair into a glider chair.
Glider chairs move back and forth. You can convert a regular upholstered chair unto a glider chair by using a glider chair base. You can find these bases at furniture superstores. You can also use the glider base from a glider chair that you no longer use. Glider chairs, which often recline, are lower to the ground and more comfortable than typical chairs. .

Remove the legs from the bottom of your chair. Turn the chair over and unscrew the legs. Set the legs aside. Typically you do not need tools to unscrew the legs.

Examine the bottom of the chair. If the chair is not sturdy, reinforce it with plywood. Measure the base of the chair with measuring tape and cut a plank of plywood into the appropriate length using a saw. Nail this plank across the center of the base of the chair.

Place the glider rocker base against the base of the chair. Mark the place where the pegs of the glider rocker base meet the base of the chair. Mark this location with a permanent marker.

Drill holes into the base of the chair in the marked places.

Place the base on the chair.

Use screws to attach the base to the chair. Tighten the screws by turning the screwdriver clockwise.

Turn your chair right side up.

Things You Will Need

  • Glider base
  • Saw
  • Drill
  • Screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Plywood, 6 inches thick

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