How to Build an Outdoor Storage Box

Outdoor storages boxes are convenient for storing seasonal items, such as patio furniture, pillows, swimming pool equipment or gardening tools. Wooden storage boxes can also store leaves if you want to create compost for your garden. Plastic storage boxes can easily break in bad weather conditions or bend out of shape due to heavy or shifted box content. But, you can custom build a wooden storage box to sustain natural weather conditions. To build your own wooden storage box for your patio or garden, simply visit your local hardware shop to get the common supplies.

Build an outdoor storage box for your gardening supplies.
  1. Measure the area where you want to have the outdoor storage box with measuring tape. Write down the length, height and the depth of the storage box. You need these measurements to cut the proper size plywood pieces.

  2. Place the plywood down so you can draw on it. With a pencil and measuring tape in hand, draw two side pieces for the storage box. The sides should measure the depth by the height. Draw the front and back pieces of the box, which should measure the height by the length. Lastly, draw the bottom piece and the top lid for the box. Both should be identical and measure the length by the depth, plus an additional inch.

  3. Place the front piece on its side in front of you. Take one of the side pieces and place it vertically in front of you to create an L-shape. The front piece should overlap the end of the side piece. Attach them using two 1-inch long screws and the mechanical screwdriver. Attach the second side piece to the opposite end of the front piece in the same manner. Again, the front piece should overlap the end of the side piece.

  4. Line the back piece up to the mechanical U-shape frame to complete a full rectangular wood frame. Attach the back piece to the frame using two screws and the mechanical screwdriver, following the same attachment process as in the previous step.

  5. Place the bottom piece on top of the wooden frame and line it up with each side of the frame. Insert 1-inch screws with the mechanical screwdriver into the bottom piece so they extend into the wooden frame perimeter. When the bottom is securely attached, turn the box right side up.

  6. Attach the hinges to the lid by placing them evenly apart. Use the 1/4-inch screws and the screwdriver to attach one end of the hinges to the lid. Lift the lid up to the back piece of the box, so the second end of the hinges falls into the box. Use a few extra 1/4-inch screws and a screwdriver to securely attach the hinges inside the box. Open and close the lid a few times to ensure it is properly attached.

  7. Close the lid to attach the hinges for the lock on the front of the box. Place the lock in the middle of the front side of the box. Attach one end of the lock on the front of the box using 1/4-inch screws and the screwdriver and attach the opposite end to the lid of the box. Use a lock with a key to secure the lid during windy periods.

  8. Spray the entire exterior of the box with water repellent spray. This will protect the wood from any natural elements, such as rain and wind damage. Let it dry completely before you place it outdoors.

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