How to Disconnect a Mixer Tap From a Sink

Most kitchen or bathroom sink taps, or faucets, are mixer taps that combine hot and cold water through one swivel spout.

Turn off the water supply before removing sink mixer taps.Turn off the water supply before removing sink mixer taps.
Mixer taps come in two main types: the concealed deck with the flange just below the tap handles and the exposed deck with chrome housing raised above the sink. Removing either type of mixer tap is a straightforward task that requires no specialist knowledge and only basic hardware store tools.

Clear the area under the sink to allow easy access to the pipes and fittings below the mixer tap.

Turn off the kitchen or bathroom mixer tap water supply. After turning off the water, run the mixer tap for a few seconds to drain all remaining water from the tap.

Unscrew the cold water supply pipe from the right-hand side of the mixer tap with the adjustable or open-ended wrench. Unscrew the fitting by turning counterclockwise. Clamp the pipe in place with a pipe wrench to prevent it from moving around too much as you unscrew the fitting.

Uncouple the hot water supply pipe from the left-hand side of the mixer tap with the wrench. Again, disconnect the fitting by turning counterclockwise. Clamp the pipe with the pipe wrench if it moves as you unscrew the fitting with the adjustable wrench.

Remove the spout seat from the sink unit top with a sink/basin wrench. Do this by turning the spout seat holding nut counterclockwise. Use the sink/basin wrench to unscrew the mixer tap fitting retaining nuts from underneath the sink.

Loosen the mixer tap by gently moving it with a circular motion. Pull out the mixer tap from the sink top.

Things You Will Need

  • Adjustable or open-ended wrench
  • Pipe wrench
  • Sink/basin wrench


  • Some kitchen mixer tap units come equipped with a spray hose. Disconnect the spray hose from underneath the kitchen mixer tap and remove the hose by pulling it out of the sink unit.
  • Read the mixer tap/faucet manufacturer's instructions before removing the mixer tap from the sink.


  • Always turn off the mixer tap water supply before working on pipes or tap fittings.

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