Husky Air Compressor Won't Turn on

Aaron Ratliff

An air compressor is an invaluable tool that converts the kinetic energy of a gas or electric powered motor into energy by compressing air. The air can then be used to power pneumatic tools of various sorts. While air compressors are simple in operation, there are a few basic items you can troubleshoot to see if your Husky air compressor is working properly, before to sending it to a professional repairman.

Trouble Shooting an Electric Air Compressor

A properly functioning air compressor can power pneumatic tools.
  1. Inspect the power cord of your air compressor by running your hand along the length of it, starting at the base and continuing until you reach the units electrical plug-in. Be sure to note any splits, frays or breaks in the cord.

  2. Ensure that the air compressors air hose is not damaged by looking for any rips on the exterior surface of the hose. Use a pipe cleaner to check for and clear any clogging that may have formed inside your hose.

  3. Remove the unit's pressure gauge and clean it using a tooth brush or pipe cleaner to clear any debris.

Troubleshooting a Gas-Powered Air Compressor

  1. Check the fuel level of the machine to ensure adequate fuel is available to the air compressor's motor. Try tipping the machine over with the fuel cap removed to detect the fluid level of your unit's gas tank.

  2. Remove the spark plugs of the unit and inspect them for any oil build-up. The spark plugs can be cleaned using a wire brush.

  3. Check the air compressor's oil level by removing the dipstick from the oil tank and wiping it on a shop towel. Insert the dipstick back into the oil tank and then remove again. Oil should be present in the brackets listed as "FULL" on your machines dipstick.