How to Hook a Holding Tank Trailer Up to a Septic System

Homeowners install septic tank systems when hookup to a city sewage system is not available. A septic tank holds all of the household waste, both liquid and solid. Over time, the liquid portion drains from the tank into a leech field, an area of the yard containing ideal soil conditions for water drainage. The solid waste collects at the bottom of the tank and slowly breaks down. However, the solid waste or sludge never completely decomposes and must periodically be pumped out of the septic tank. Removal of sewage from a septic tank requires a specialized holding tank trailer and a professional licensed for hazardous waste removal.

Septic holding tank trailers are designed to hold hazardous materials.
  1. Uncover the manhole for the septic tank system. Depending on the homeowners preference, a septic tank manhole can be buried under several inches of dirt, covered by a hatch, or may be exposed to the air.

  2. Back the holding tank trailer as close to the septic tank manhole as possible. Try to find a path that is free of shrubbery, garden boxes, or permanent structures that the pump hose may have to go over or around.

  3. Uncoil the pump line from the side of the holding tank trailer and connect one end to the inlet on the holding tank.

  4. Place the end of the pump line into the septic tank. Allow the line to sink to the bottom of the septic tank.

  5. Turn on the pump and hold onto the line to prevent it from coming out of the septic tank.


  • Septic tank contents are extremely hazardous. Only a trained professional should remove the sewage from the septic tank.

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