How to Repair Plaster Nail Holes

Repairing nail holes is an easy do-it-yourself home repair. The newest of homeowners can repair nail holes, which improves the appearance of a plaster wall. Holes in plaster can be easier to repair than drywall because of the underlying lathe that anchors the repairing compound to the wall.

Repairing nail holes in plaster is an easy task.
  1. Scrape away any loose plaster around the hole. Chipped or loose plaster will prevent the patch from adhering to the wall properly.

  2. Widen the hole to about 1/8 inch, using a utility knife or a large tool. This gives the patch better footing to adhere to the wall.

  3. Blow away the plaster dust.

  4. Fill the hole with patching plaster or spackle compound, using a putty knife.

  5. Allow the compound to dry for at least 24 hours, or according to package directions.

  6. Sand the patched area lightly with sandpaper, paying attention to blending the edges.

  7. Prime the patched area with a sealing coat, and paint it to match the surrounding wall.

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