How to Apply Drawer Liners

Drawer liners keep surfaces fresh and clean and offer an easy way to clean up if there are spills. Purchase drawer liners with adhesive backing or make your own out of fabric, wallpaper or wrapping paper. The drawers can be attractively patterned to match a room, scented for storing clothing or practical with an easy-clean surface. Drawer liners should be affixed to the bottom of the drawer so they don't slip around, or you can use the type with cushioned grip used on boats to keep things from moving. Discover plenty of options to keep your drawers tidy and free of dirt.

Drawer liners work well to refresh a used piece of furniture.
  1. Pull the drawer out of the unit if you can so it is easier to work on. Measure the length of the drawer and then the width. Make a note of the dimension. Do not assume every drawer in a row is the same size. Often there are small discrepancies, so measure every drawer.

  2. Unroll the drawer liner and turn it with the adhesive backing facing up. Measure the dimensions you got from the drawer and mark them on the back of the liner. Use the paper or ruler as a straight edge to connect the measurements.

  3. Cut along the lines you made until you have a liner sized for that particular drawer. Push it into the bottom of the drawer to see if you need to trim any edges. If you have a perfect fit, remove the adhesive backing. Purchased liner paper has a wax covering on the adhesive.

  4. Position the paper in the drawer. Start at a corner and from underneath pull a triangle of wax paper off the backing. Press that corner in and push down to seal it. Continue pulling the triangle of wax paper slowly. Use the flat or side of your other hand to smooth out bubbles and wrinkles. Pull wax paper toward the opposing corner.

  5. Smooth the liner from the center out as you pull. Push wrinkles and bubbles to the final edge. Push them out with your palm and then press the last edge down as you slip the wax paper free. Continue this process with each drawer until the job is done.