Sleeve Hitch Instructions

A sleeve hitch mounts equipment onto the front or back of a tractor and is especially helpful when hauling extra equipment on your tractor.

Items, such as a plow, cultivator or a disc box scraper, can be connected with a sleeve hitch. This device requires minimal effort to raise or lower the extra equipment. In approximately one hour, you can assemble your own sleeve hitch onto your tractor by following these instructions.

Connect a 5/16- by 1-inch hex bolt, a spacer and a 5/16-inch Nylock nut (supplied with the kit) to the three-position slot in the right pivot bracket on the lift lever assembly. Use the position that is closest to the bend in the bracket. This position offers the lowest accessory depth setting.

Attach the left mounting bracket to the bolts with two 3/8-inch lock washers and 3/8-inch hex nuts. Do this for the other side as well. If there are no bolts and nuts in the hole, a 3/8- by 1 ¼-inch hex bolt, a 3/8-inch lock washer and a 3/8-inch hex nut can be used to attach the mounting bracket.

Place the left pivot bracket onto the end of the lift lever assembly. The right and left pivot brackets should be attached to the sleeve hitch frame assembly with four 3/8- by 1-inch carriage bolts and 3/8-inch Nylock nuts.

Hook the sleeve hitch frame assembly onto the weld pins in the mounting brackets. The bottom of the assembly to the tractor hitch must be attached with a 5/8- by 1 ¾-inch hex bolt and a 5/8-inch Nylock nut.

Assemble the two 5/8-inch jam nuts halfway onto the two 5/8- by 2-inch hex bolts. The bolts should be fastened into the nuts welded to the sleeve hitch lift assembly. The jam nuts should be tightened against the welded nuts.

Connect the lifting link to the sleeve hitch lift assembly with a 5/8- by 1 ¾-inch hex bolt and a 5/8-inch Nylock nut. Use the bottom hole as it provides the lowest setting for accessories. Tighten the nut until it is snug. The welded arms should not be squeezed together.

Attach the sleeve hitch lift assembly to the sleeve hitch frame assembly with three 5/8- by 1 ¾-inch clevis pins and 3/32-inch hair cotter pins.

Install the hitch pin in the sleeve hitch and secure it with a 5/32-inch hair cotter pin.

Things You Will Need

  • ½-inch wrench or adjustable wrench
  • 9/16-inch wrench
  • 15/16-inch wrench


  • Clean the sleeve hitch after each use. Oil the pivot points as needed.

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